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Game Description - Are you Alice?:

Are you Alice? is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator. Alice? (アリス, Arisu) is a mysterious young man who is presumed to willingly arrive in Wonderland. He was given the title of “Alice” after being named the 89th Alice of Wonderland by the Queen of Hearts and thereby joined the game of killing the White Rabbit in which he is assisted by the Mad Hatter. He is assumed to be the “younger brother” of Alice Liddell.

Alice is presumed to be the “younger brother” of Alice Liddell with whom he shares name with. It is said that he was unborn who died together with their mother, dying of an illness. After this incident, her younger brother (who existed only on paper by Lewis Carroll) was picked out of the waste bin by Dinah, Alice Liddell’s pet cat who used to listen to her stories, and was eventually able to save him. Unfortunately, because of Carroll’s destruction of the boy, the younger brother had an inhuman appearance. Hence, Dinah traveled to various worlds to locate different body parts in rebuilding the younger brother. The younger brother finally came to life by the time that 88 Alices were discarded. This younger brother was inadvertently named “Alice” by the Cheshire Cat during his arrival in Wonderland, answering the latter that his name is probably Alice. However, after several turns of events, he later accepted his role as Alice.

It is never really explained how Alice arrived in Wonderland, but it can be seen from the cover of the first chapter of the manga; he fell down the rabbit-hole as how “Alice” should have been. However, in the drama CD, it is revealed that a door allows anyone to enter Wonderland, similar to what Alice came across after falling down the rabbit-hole. Alice himself has forgotten exactly what he came for in Wonderland, but his hopes are towards finding out who he really is.

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