Coded Soul (China)

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Game Description - Coded Soul (China):

Coded Soul (China) is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator.

An army has been conducting research into Monolith Gate, the door to the world of ‘Idea’. That door is controlled by Gail, a young boy who gives Jay, a soldier, special power to travel to the other side to save his girlfriend, May [note: she’s not Jay’s girlfriend. Or Gail’s either.]. The special power grants [Jay] the ability to control monsters by sucking up their souls. Once you’ve defeated a foe, you can make them into your ally for use during future battles. You can take up to two monsters with you on your treks into Idea, selecting from eventually over 100 beasts.

I should do this more often. But anyway, May isn’t Jay’s girlfriend, he just has a huge and obvious crush on her. The reason she needs saving is because she got shot trying to save Jay/Gail. See, the army had been using Gail as a guinea pig to establish contact with the world of ‘Idea’. they pretty much treated him like trash in the process, so eventually he was like Screw this, I’m outta here, I’m off to Idea. The army was like nuh-uh, we’ll kill you first, then Jay got in the way so they were going to kill him, then May jumped in front of him, noo Jay, I will protect yooou! And she got shot. So Gail took her with him into Idea to get away from the evil army dudes. The first 15 minutes of the Coded Soul were very dramatic, I’ll tell you that

Turns out the only people who can travel freely from Idea to the ‘real’ world and back are Gail and anyone he allows in, and he’s chosen to allow Jay – and only Jay – to come over and help him save May’s life. For some reason this ‘save her life’ process requires Jay to clear one dungeon after another, collecting strange items the bosses drop and giving them to Gail.

Along the way Jay also meets people who have wandered into Idea on their own. It seems like they were all passengers on ships/planes that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle. Does Idea have anything to do with the Triangle? Does Gail’s crossing-over have anything to do with the increasing frequency of such disappearances? I wouldn’t know, I’m only 5 hours in so far. I get the feeling this isn’t a very long game, though, so I should find out soon.

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