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Game Description - Exit 2 (Europe):

Exit 2 (Europe) is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator. Exit 2 (Kangaeru Exit (かんがえる いぐじっと, lit. “Thinking Exit”) in Japan) is the sequel to the PlayStation Portable game Exit. The developers promised more focus on puzzles rather than action and platforming. It was released in Japan and Korea in 2006 and in Europe and Australia in 2007. A downloadable demo of the game was released in November 2006. An Xbox Live Arcade (Xbox 360) version of the game was released on February 25, 2009. Mr. ESC is back in action in Exit 2, the sequel to the stylish and clever puzzle platformer Exit. For those who enjoyed the original, Exit 2 offers a heaping helping of new levels with a few new puzzle elements thrown in to freshen things up. Those who have yet to make Mr. ESC’s acquaintance will find that he is a dashing if occasionally clumsy hero who specializes in leading survivors out of dangerous situations. Playing as Mr. ESC, you’ll navigate environmental hazards, use helpful items, and deal with the limitations of your rescued citizens to lead them to safety. This visually stylish game is both engaging and frustrating, but the sheer amount of puzzles means there’s always another one to try if you get stuck. While many of the levels require exacting logic, anyone looking for a tough yet satisfying mental exercise will be well pleased with Exit 2.

Before you can lead survivors out of a subway system or journey to Egypt, you’ll have to get the hang of controlling Mr. ESC. He can walk, run, crawl, and jump, and he moves much like the original Prince of Persia; his walk is deliberate and his run carries some unwieldy momentum. He’s usually good about stopping short of walking off of ledges that will break his leg, but he’s not entirely reliable, so you have to be careful when maneuvering him in dangerous spots lest you fall and have to restart the level. Honing your navigation skills is essential to success, so you’ll soon be well acquainted with how far Mr. ESC can fall and which boxes he can push. Half of the challenge of Exit 2 is figuring out where to move Mr. ESC and when to push a box or pull a switch. The other half is wrangling survivors.

When you encounter survivors, you wake them out of their “sit here and whine intermittently” stupor and get them to follow you. Early in the game you encounter six types of survivors (the dog and macho types are new for Exit 2), all with their own strengths and limitations. For example, a macho can push heavy objects and has a high vertical leap but a short horizontal jump. They all have different degrees of agility and strength (except for the patients, who must be carried), and each puzzle will require you to use their abilities and accommodate their weaknesses to deliver them to the exit.

In addition to ordering survivors to follow you or stay put by pressing the left bumper, you can use the right analog stick to move a ponderously slow cursor around the screen and issue commands. By clicking the stick or pressing the Y button, you can command able survivors to pull levers, push objects, or go from point A to point B. However, if there is a change of elevation between point A and point B, you may run into trouble. Though survivors can negotiate vertical movement pretty well, such as a climb followed by a jump, anything that involves changing vertical direction, like surmounting a block by climbing up and then down, is likely to stymie them. You can micromanage their movements pretty easily, but it can definitely wear on your nerves, especially when you’re attempting a given puzzle for the sixth time.

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