Fate Tiger – Colosseum (Japan)

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Game Description - Fate Tiger – Colosseum (Japan):

Fate Tiger – Colosseum (Japan) is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator. Fate/tiger colosseum (Japanese: フェイト/タイガーころしあむ Hepburn: Feito/taigā koroshiamu) is a 3D fighting video game based on the visual novel Fate/stay night, released for the PlayStation Portable by Capcom and Cavia in cooperation with Type-Moon. The characters are all rendered in a super deformed style. A 3D fighter based on the Japanese Fate/Stay Night visual novel game / anime series. In Fate Tiger Colosseum, PSP owners get to select their favorite characters from the series for a multiplayer versus brawler. In addition to combat, the new game will include a story mode, supervised by the original’s scenario writer.

Playable Characters to make an appearance include Archer, Rin Tohsaka, Shirou Emiya, Sakura Matou, Saber, and Taiga Fujimura (whose nickname is “Tiger”). In addition, all of the servants that Saber has fought in the story as well as the main characters of Fate/hollow ataraxia, Bazett Fraga McRemitz and Caren Hortensia make an appearance as playable characters. A bonus Character was also seen as a new addition to the roster of characters. That character was revealed as Saber dressed in a lion costume (to represent her favorite animal) wielding her sword Excalibur. In the trailers all she says is “Gao Gao Gao!” which is a sound that a lion would make. A sequel, Fate/tiger colosseum Upper, was released on August 28, 2008.

tiger colosseum

  • Taiga Fujimura
  • Saber
  • Shirō Emiya
  • Archer
  • Rin Tōsaka
  • Sakura Matō
  • Dark Sakura
  • Lancer
  • Rider
  • Caster
  • Berserker
  • Assassin
  • Illyasviel von Einzbern
  • Shinji Matō
  • Sōichirō Kuzuki
  • True Assassin
  • Saber Alter
  • Gilgamesh
  • Kirei Kotomine
  • Bazett Fraga Mcremitz (from hollow ataraxia)
  • Caren Ortensia (from hollow ataraxia)
  • Saber Lion
    • Lion costume form of Saber.

tiger colosseum Upper

  • Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Irisviel von Einzbern
  • Avenger (from hollow ataraxia)
  • Neco-Arc (from Tsukihime)
    • Deutragonist of tiger colosseum Upper.
  • Phantas-Moon
  • Ruby-chan/Magical-Amber
  • Magical-Caren
    • A Magical girl form of Caren in Paper bag head and antagonist of tiger colosseum Upper.
  • Kaleido-Ruby (from hollow ataraxia)
    • A magical girl form of Rin.
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