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Game Description - Frantix (Europe):

Frantix (Europe) is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator. Frantix is a video game on Sony’s PlayStation Portable developed by American studio Killer Game. The game contains over 150 levels (most need to be unlocked). The player must race against the clock in order to solve each puzzle. Some levels are tricky and the most obvious path may not be the best route to go. In each level there are obstacles, deadly traps, hazards and creatures which can delay the player from completing the level. Frantix is a 3D puzzle game that has you running through a bunch of mazes, pushing crates, avoiding traps and enemies, and collecting gems to open up an exit. That’s it–no character background, no multiplayer, no convoluted story about the gems or the doors they’re used to open–it’s just one quick puzzle after the other until you’ve finished the game. The puzzles can be fun and challenging, but the anemic gameplay and generic presentation will leave you feeling unsatisfied with Frantix. There’s only one mode in Frantix, which might be called story mode without the story. You solve puzzle after puzzle by collecting gems. Most gems require a bit of effort to collect though, since levels are often filled with lava, water, quicksand, traps, creatures, and locked doors. You can’t attack or jump, but you can shove bombs, crates, and stone blocks around, which comes in handy for killing enemies, triggering switches, or making makeshift bridges across hazardous areas. Once you have enough gems you just need to find an exit, and presto, the level is done. As you clear levels and collect gems, other puzzles are unlocked. There are six themed worlds in all, each with between 15 and 40 puzzles to complete. Each level takes anywhere from seven seconds to a minute and a half to complete. The levels are often tiny, but there are loading times between each one. Even though the load times are short, it’s still irritating to have to wait through a five- second load screen for only 10 or 15 seconds of gameplay.

Some of the levels are inventive and challenging, requiring you to carefully assess each puzzle and carry out a series of moves in a specific order to clear the level. Other puzzles are more obvious and just require some quick moves and good timing to complete. Unfortunately, because of the way the game is constructed, you just end up trying a bunch of different solutions until one works out. Once you know how to solve the puzzle, there’s no reason to go back and play it. You can try to best your time through the level, but that isn’t particularly satisfying. Even the puzzles you haven’t cleared start to look the same after awhile. Once you learn a few of the tricks the developers like to use, it doesn’t take more than a few tries to figure out how to solve any given puzzle.

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