Gangs of London (Europe)

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Game Description - Gangs of London (Europe):

Gangs of London (Europe) is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator. Gangs of London is an action-adventure open world video game released in 2006 for Sony’s PlayStation Portable console. It was developed by SCE London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The player has the choice to play as five different gangs in London, with different ethnicities and outfits.

During the course of story mode, the player is given a wide variety of objectives. One objective may require entering a nightclub armed with a jackhammer, while another may involve trying to run the enemy off the road, or them trying to run the player off the road. There are also kidnapping missions, stealth missions, and race missions. Once the story mode is complete, a cut scene will pop up and a cliffhanger ending ensues. Outside of missions, the player can free roam the game’s environment and complete minigames such as taking photos of London landmarks or running over pedestrians. The game also has “bar” style mini-games, accessed from a pub. The four pub games are darts, skittles, pool, and an arcade game, which is similar to Snake.

As well as the story mode, there are also mini-games under the “Free-Roaming” heading, including “Free Drive” (just driving and exploring London while watching for gangs), “London Tourist” (where the player, who appears as an American tourist, has to take pictures of various landmarks in London), “Cause Havoc” (where the player, a gang member with various weapons, has to earn points by killing pedestrians and blowing up vehicles), “Speed Trap” (where the player has to drive at a certain speed to prevent a bomb inside the vehicle from exploding), “Riot Control” (where the player, as a London police officer, has to “neutralise” (kill or handcuff) rioters on the street), “Get Away” (where the player has to survive against the police pursuit for a certain time), “Four Weeks Later” (where the player has to defend himself or his gang boss from zombies rising from the ground) and “The Knowledge” (a taxi driver mission).

This game is the first in the series to represent different times of the day and therefore night sequences. The player can now switch to a cockpit view with every vehicle (a mandatory view for bigger vehicle in the previous games) that includes the two indicator lights for directions. Bikes introduced in The Getaway: Black Monday are no more part of the vehicles’ list.

This game also has “bar” style mini-games, which you can visit in the pub. Once you access the main menu, the bar icon will show, and from there you may select one of five “pub” games. These include Darts, Skittles (a British version of Bowling), 8-ball (both the British and US version), and an Arcade Game, which is similar to Snake; however, as the levels get harder, things will change. Sometimes you must control two snakes, have the snakes change speed on their own, etc.However, this game does not features officially licensed vehicles as in The Getaway series. Although the vehicles are fictional, some do resemble real vehicles. Most notably a Toyota Mega Cruiser, Ferrari 360, Kia Magentis and the Renault Laguna 2

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