Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip is one of the very popular android Game and thousands of people want to get it on their phone or tablets without any payments. Here you can download Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip Game for free. Download the Game from the download link, provided in the page.


Game Description - Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip:

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator.

Back in 2007, I reviewed Hot Shots Tennis on the PlayStation 2, and I couldn’t help feeling disappointed. Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee on the PSP won my heart – it’s a game that I still fool around with today – but though the PS2 version of tennis had the characters and style I knew, it lacked the same spark that made the portable rock. There was no character customization, no crazy unlockables, and none of that monumental depth you expect from a Hot Shots game, which have been a staple of the PlayStation library for more than a decade.

Clap Hanz is out to rectify its on-court reputation with Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip. For the most part, this PSP title does it. The controls here are easy to jump into, the horse head and grass skirts are here, and there are loyalty hearts to fill along with ranks to climb up.

This is what a Hot Shots game is supposed to feel like, although there is a bit of “eh” by the time you get really good with your racket.
New to Hot Shots? They’re not-so-serious sports games that have cartoon characters, bright visuals and – best of all – simple control schemes so that people can jump in and have fun. That formula’s intact in Hot Shots Tennis. Here, there’s a small hit box around your character on the court, and it’s up to you to press one of the PSP face buttons for lob, slice and topspin shots. Serves are as simple as hitting a given button to toss the ball up and another to send it toward your opponent.

Anyone can dive into Get a Grip and have fun, but Hot Shots also adds layers of complexity for players who want to get lost in the game. There are angles to consider, joystick moves that mean the difference between dropping the ball on the near side of the net and painting the back corner, as well as optimum striking periods that’ll make music notes pop out of your character’s mouth instead of the “I-swung-too-late turtle” or “I-swung-too-soon rabbit.”

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