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Popup Notifier is one of the very popular android App and thousands of people want to get it on their phone or tablets without any payments. Here you can download Popup Notifier App for free. Download the App from the download link, provided in the page.


App Description - Popup Notifier:

Popup Notifier is a Paid Personalization android app. Popup Notifier displays your device’s notifications as popup alerts.
With Popup Notifier you can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications.

To work properly, Popup Notifier requires that you activate the accessibility service “Popup” (accessibility services are currently the only way to process user notifications on Android systems).

You then have to use the “Monitoring” preference to choose which apps should raise notifications.
Status bar notifications must be enabled in the monitored apps for the alerts to appear properly.

Once you have activated the service and configured the app, your notifications will show as popup alerts, with 2 buttons :

  • View : launches the notification (has the same effect as clicking the notification in the status bar)
  • Close : dismisses the current notification and shows the next one (or closes the popup if there is no other notification to show)

Note that clicking « Close » will not remove the notification(s) from the status bar (the Android system doesn’t allow to manually remove notifications from the status bar).

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Download - Popup Notifier for free

Download Download it on Google Play Store.

Download Popup Notifier.apk

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