Tekken 6

Tekken 6 is one of the very popular android Game and thousands of people want to get it on their phone or tablets without any payments. Here you can download Tekken 6 Game for free. Download the Game from the download link, provided in the page.


Game Description - Tekken 6:

Tekken 6 is the one of the most popular fighting games. TEKKEN 6 has the return of many characters that we have already seen in previous parts as well as the new once which creates largest line-up to battle each other. Each and every player has its own moves, attacks combinations and techniques. It also allows to customize the character which really enhances this incredible fighting game. Player can battle one-to-one or can battle online for matchup with players all over the world.


Best Game Settings:

To get best and smooth experience in this game you should change game settings of PPSSPP Emulator as the following snapshots.

Graphics Settings:

Tekken 6 Best Game Setting Graphics


Audio Settings:

Tekken 6 Best Game Setting System

System Settings:

Tekken 6 Best Game Setting audio

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How to Install Tekken 6 Video Tutorial:

Download - Tekken 6 for free

Download ppsspp.apk

Download tekken6.iso

209 Responses

  1. Harsh says:

    Please sir please I’m download game help me ppppppppppppppppl

  2. topepicgames says:

    thanks a lot good post 🙂

  3. homez says:

    does the iso have to be with files in that was extracted. I separated the iso and it loaded but stuck just before main menu. plz help did i do something wrong?

  4. ankit says:

    when i am trying to extract the file on ppsspp it’s showing that its not a psp game… what to do… plz help

  5. aman says:

    how to install tekken6

  6. prince says:

    accha bhai Jo ye data h 738 mb ka isko android k obb folder me hi krna h na paste ..

  7. Bhagwant Singh says:

    Can I use Zarchiver to extract the zip file

  8. praveen says:

    actually i have installed tekken6 everything was perfect except music of the game it wasn’t clear please help me some how.

  9. khelvxz says:

    is it possible to multiplayer this game with 2 droid phones?

  10. Jashan says:

    Please also help us to download WWE games also

  11. Deepak says:

    i can’t extract tekken 6 iso file

  12. krish says:

    i hv installed takken 6 nd ppsspp gold… extracted nd evrythng followd as given in tutorial video… can open d game… but i coudnt play aftr tappng start button..

  13. manman says:

    tekken isn’t showing in my file, it only appears in zip. what can i do?

  14. manman says:

    what was the link on how to download psp gold?

  15. ani says:

    I have downloaded ppsspp and the zip file of tekken 5 now what to do I have downloaded 7zipper also now what to do in details

  16. Abhinav says:

    Tekken six is not working on my samsumg j2 2016 the game does not show the menu…

  17. deepak says:

    Every game in running thanks droidtrix

  18. game says:

    pls upload ps3 emulator

  19. isbestgba says:

    tekken 6 is very slow

  20. ramis says:

    I can’t extract my taken 6 iso into 7 zipper..whenever i extracted this file and chek on the ppsssp epulater…it seem to be a blank..what can i do? Plz help me

  21. asadraza says:

    Tekken6 game daonlod

  22. harshit Jaiswal says:

    Can you give me the ppsspp setting for god of war

  23. Abdullah says:

    It stucks whenever i press the start button

  24. shoyab says:

    zip process complete logo is show but after play blank screen ? please help me

  25. vampire says:

    tekken 7 ?

  26. digginchd says:

    Droid trix..thanks bro i can play now..

  27. Teed says:

    In start screen it wont show the menu

  28. Goddesslei says:

    I finished downloading the zip for tekken but when I try to extract the file from file manager it keeps saying “failed to extract file” what do I do? 🙁

  29. Ayub says:


  30. Oscar says:

    hey downloaded the game and it got saved in ZIP File and its not working on the ppsspp now what ?

  31. ABHY says:

    how to install this game at mobile …..my mobile is micromax canvas 5……b/z it is a zip file

  32. enialren says:

    It worth it… better than I expected

  33. Rizal says:

    How to get tekken6.cso apk?

  34. anshuman says:

    can you get me gta

  35. gel says:

    why i cant dwnload it? :'( only saying that FILE WAS NOT FOUND! :'( help please

  36. Khan says:

    PPSSPP link is now working can u please update the link?

  37. anshumam says:

    sir please tell me why the tekken 6 not displaying on the screen after downloading ppsspp and also extracting the zip

  38. anshumam says:

    sir,how to unzip tekken 6

  39. mikoy says:

    when ever i click the download ppsspp.apk ..nothing happens. just opens another tab

  40. Arunpandian Raja says:

    PPSSPP gold not found on you mentioned path

  41. Nayyum says:

    It’s slow why

  42. usmanfalak says:

    ppsspp .apk for tekken 6 is not download from{zippyshare.com]

  43. shanaia says:

    Hi droid trix all i can say is tnx very much ive downloaded tekken 5 from ure site and it run smoothly just like having touch screen psp ill recomend this to my friends tekken 7 pls

  44. jhyrhia says:

    good am. . i already installed ppsspp and already unzipped tekken 6 and got the iso file but whenever i tried to open the iso file on ppsspp it closes immediately. . can u please help me? i have an android phone running on lollipop. . tnx

  45. parth says:

    sir now what about tekken 7?

  46. gab says:

    why i cant create profile in my tekken 6 android i already download ppsspp on my CP
    i have 2 ppsspp in my CP still cant create
    can u help me?

  47. Pamei says:

    I have downloaded the tekken6 zip file but cannot install please tell me what do i do next your video tutor does not make me understand

  48. mohit says:

    good site,i will keep an eye on this site.well done bro

  49. Chad says:

    After i extract the zip file then i get iso file then what next i do?

  50. waleed says:

    How to play this ge

  51. kize says:

    Wont we be able to play on the normal ppsspp emulator

  52. kize says:

    Why does it hang on your phone gameplay?
    Will it hang to all other phones too?

  53. Gelo says:

    wheres the graphics settings?!

  54. ranu says:

    how to dowlandod tekken 6.iso file

  55. Abhi says:

    can we use win rar also to zip up that file

  56. Usman says:

    here i saw the black screen what is this???????????? plzzz any one here to tell the sollution
    Send me mail plz

  57. Tonyakz says:

    I can play the game but it is very slow..ecery move is in slow motion..im using SG s6 edge

  58. mehzin says:

    Sir i opened the game title everything appeared but the tekken menu is not coming pls solve tge prob….

  59. bilal shake says:

    i extracted the file and changed the setting but as soon as i hit play the ppsspp stops and exits im using a galaxy note 2

  60. vikas says:

    its full done by only pc ??
    can we do full setup with mobile

  61. mateen says:

    here i saw the black screen what is this???????????? plzzz any one here to tell the sollution

  62. Shivansh says:

    Hi bandai namaco games please swnd to me tekken 6

  63. kent says:

    how can i EXTRACT the ZIP File ????

  64. Awesome page, Keep up the very good job. Thanks for your time!|

  65. Mujtaba says:

    bro tekken 6 is zip file not cso

  66. aruljagan says:


  67. tayyab says:

    The emulater shows not psp file

  68. tayyab says:

    Its not working what shoud i do
    Its zip file

  69. tayyab says:

    How can i download tekken 6

  70. john says:

    hello sir I have a PSP emulator. what can I suppose to do to run the tekken 6?

  71. brad says:

    Hi there,
    Pls can u tell how download install and play taken 6 PSP game in micromax canvas spark Q380

  72. Rahul says:

    I can download ppsspp emulator gold and Tekken 6 iso file for android but it does not work what i can do says

  73. Hayyssst says:

    Its A Zip -___- I can Install it To Ppsspp Anyone help please

  74. You can try.. ppsspp settings graphics scroll down to features and check stretch to display. I hope this will work for you.

  75. SIDDHARTH says:

    Hello Admin Please Upload Ghajini The Game For Android It Was Release On 2008 The Superhit Blockbuster Movie Ghajini 2008 Hindi Movie It Stars are Aamir Khan Asin Jiya Khan & Pradeep Rawat in lead roles

  76. janesh says:

    Nice wrk

  77. suraj says:

    Hello sir controls are so am all so how to make it bigger than before help me pls

  78. Suraj says:

    Hello pls up lode tekken tag tournament 2

  79. nitesh says:

    Tekken 6 isnt working on my smartphone
    When i start it it shows the button and black screen but sound is clearly heared what to do sir

  80. Jhasy says:

    Hi admin, please help me. I’ve downloaded tekken 6 and i can’t find the file tekken_6.iso why is that so? I’ve alsoo extracted it cause it was in a zip. it was in a Disc Image File.

  81. husnain shafiq says:

    in video on youtube u show the file name cso but here file name is iso

  82. husnain shafiq says:

    in video on youtube u show cso file but here the file name is iso

  83. Emmanuel says:

    hey sir.. happy new year nice tutorial in youtube 🙂 how fix the slowmotion in tekken 6 sir ? pls teach me

  84. stan says:

    the game is very slow what to do?

  85. SIDDHARTH says:

    Hello Admin please upload Tekken 4 & 5 for Android Please Admin

  86. anjumjaved says:

    hello i have samsung galaxy grand prime so i want to ask that it will work?

  87. kev says:

    I already put tekken 6iso on my phone and I open it and it said the file format not supported ?

  88. kev says:

    I already extract but the apk is missing please reply admin

  89. KYLE says:

    why iso not cso ?? I downlaod iso and its need a CD to burn please solve the problem T_T

  90. mahdi says:

    Hi i have samsung galaxy s3 neo so i want to ask can i download sn play tekken 6 in my phone

  91. Khuzaima says:

    Sir, password is not working %j;33L&?5jYB’NE. I’ve tried that password but same result

  92. Najmuddin says:

    please send me the password of extracting the file of tekken 6. “%j;33L&?5jYB’NE” this password is not working, please sene me correct password to extracting the tekken 6

  93. aditya says:

    Can i open it in phone

    I found 4 zip files of it ,but no one is working on ppsspp gold showing 0% after installation

  94. aditya says:

    I can’t unzip file ussing 7zip in mobile

  95. paulian says:

    yes…? work its thanks…

  96. pv says:

    sir password is not working.plzz help..

  97. reymark says:

    The password is not working, Invalid password when I entered. Admin please help thnks.

  98. siva prasad says:

    I have got the file is zip mode and it can’t open in ppsspp apk file………and how to slove this problem mr.admin

  99. Singh says:

    Those who have trouble unzipping using the provided password, unzip through winzar. I used WinRar on XP machine it worked. but it was not accepting when unzipping through windows provided software.

  100. ACHAL says:

    i download but cant extract when i enter the password it wants to burn the disc

  101. shubham says:

    How to unzip this file

  102. shubham says:

    Sir password is not working

    • Droid Trix says:

      The password is %j;33L&?5jYB’NE . Please make sure that there is no spaces in start or end of it.. The password is 100% correct, I’ve been unlocking that file like 1000 times.

  103. astitva says:

    thankyou bro
    the password is working in mobile but not on pc or just use other software other than winrar.
    I used zarchiver for mobile . Hope it helps

  104. ardanclaveria says:

    how to install the games

  105. tufua says:

    can you download it from android

  106. usman says:

    i tried it many times but the password is incorrect

    • Droid Trix says:

      The password is %j;33L&?5jYB’NE . Please make sure that there is no spaces in start or end of it.. The password is 100% correct, I’ve been unlocking that file like 1000 times.

  107. ghaffar says:

    Huhuhu… i cant download the game

  108. SIDDHARTH says:

    Hello Admin The Game works fine on my Android Phone . Thanks Admin .

  109. Silver xerion says:

    Sir the password is wrong

    • Droid Trix says:

      The password is %j;33L&?5jYB’NE . Please make sure that there is no spaces in start or end of it.. The password is 100% correct, I’ve been unlocking that file like 1000 times.

  110. Kal Kal says:

    Sir the password is invalid

  111. Shivam says:

    Sir sound working is not good…. How can I change it…

    • Droid Trix says:

      If you are using PPSSPP emulator given in this page, then you need to check all the check boxes on audio section of the settings and also make sure that Audio latency is set to Low.

  112. naph says:

    Sir what ia the password? I cant extract it.

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